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1000+ Specifications of centrifugal pump to choose
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1200+Companies Use Zoomlian Centrifugal Pumps
Continue to innovate
Continuously research and develop new products based on market demand, expand service areas, and coordinate the composition of the design team with rich experience in product design.
ISO9001 standard
Strict quality inspection process, adopting international standards to conduct strict inspection on R & D products to ensure that the product quality is 100% qualified.
Process supporting
The configuration of the equipment is coordinated with the company's production variety and process requirements, and the important processes are completed within the enterprise. High efficiency, to ensure the accuracy of experimental data.
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Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd. is one of the largest centrifugal pump manufacturer in mainland China. The company has set up a production center,sales center,after sales center,technical center for various centrifugal design and production especially for multistage pump,split case pump and end suction single stage pump.
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Industry Coverage:

Metallurgy > 152 companies Petrochemical industry > 105 companies

Power plant > 300 companies Chemical plant > 224 companies Ming industry > 210 companies

  • 50000m2
    Strong manufacturing capacity
  • 2000+
    Various speicifications of pump
  • 32Years
    Pump manufacturing experience
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Pre-sales service
Whether it is telephone or online consultation, we will promptly give professional Q&A guidance and provide you with professional solutions.
Provide customers with free technical consultation and new product, new technical information, in-depth understanding of each of your needs, to provide you with a full set of design solutions.
After-sales service
As soon as we receive the user's notice, we will reply immediately and provide life-long maintenance services.
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