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Inspection of Diesel Engine Self balance multistage Pump_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

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Inspection of diesel engine driven self balance multistage pump. To ensure the quality of every pump, we insist on testing the performance of each pump before shipping.

High pressure self-balance sectional centrifugal pump is innovated according to the traditional multistage centrifugal pump, declare the multistage axils force balance set. It is the best substitutes of the type D,DG multistage centrifugal pump with the balance disk. As without the balance disk, so no disk clash and no backflow lose of the balance disk. So the efficiency of the pump is 3-12% higher than the similar type pump, at the meantime, the totally solved the problems of rotor seizure caused by the lose effectiveness of the balance disk, great extend the life of the pump. Long time operation proved that this series pump has reached to advance technology of the similar type pump in China.

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