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S Split Case Centrifugal Pump

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S Split Case Centrifugal Pump

Capacity: 72-20106 (m³/h) 

Head: 11-216 (m)

Temperature: 0-150 (℃)

Product Introduction

S series split case centrifugal pump is single-stage double-suction centrifugal pump with horizontal split casing. The series pumps are designed on the basis of type S which can only deliver fresh water. One is type S which can deliver fresh water without solid particles. One is type SR which can transfer hot water. One is type SM which is for drainage water in mines. One is type SF which can transfer corrosive liquid. One is type SY which can deliver oils. 


 • Horizontal
 • Inlet and outlet below axis
 • No need to disassemble pipes and motor when maintenance

2 kinds of rotation:
 • Looking from the motor side, clockwise rotation when inlet is on the right
 • Looking from the motor side, anti-clockwise rotation when inlet is on the left

2 kinds of shaft seal:
 • Mechanical seal
 • Packing seal

Main Applications

 • Oil refinery, Petrochemical industry
 • Coal process industry
 • Chemical industry, Paper making
 • Common process engineering
 • Sea water desalt plant
 • Air-conditioning system
 • Power plant
 • Environmental protection project
 • Ship and maritime industry

Technical Data

Product NameS series split case centrifugal pump
StructureSingle stage
MaterialCast Iron
Head11-216m / 36-708ft
Flow72-20106m3/h / 316.8-88466USgpm
Temperature0~150 ℃ / 0-302℉
Liquid MediumVarious medium based on the material
NPSH3.8-8.7 m

Structure Chart


Model Description

300 S (SR/SM/SF/SY) 19 A
300 ----------------- Inlet diameter 300 mm
S -------------------- Split case centrifugal pump
SR -------------------Split case centrifugal hot water pump
SM -------------------Split case centrifugal abrasive resistance pump
SF -------------------Split case centrifugal corrosion resistance pump
SY -------------------Split case centrifugal oil pump
19 ------------------- Head 19 m
A -------------------- A, B, C separately represents that outer diameter of impeller is changed the first, the second and the third time

Pump Parts Material

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