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Design Feature Of Split Case Pump_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

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Design feature of split case pump

The structure of split c ase pump is horizontal, the inlet and outlet are below the axis, its centerline is horizontal and perpendicular to the axis, the casing is the split caseing. It is not necessary to disassenble the pipes and motor(or other diver) when repairing.
The pump is made up of casing parts, rotor parts, bearing parts, shaft sealing parts and coupling parts etc.
The casing parts contain the pump casing, cover and seal ring etc.
The rotor parts contain shaft, impeller, shaft sleeve and shaft nut etc. The parts installed on the shaft are locked by shaft sleeve nut; The axial force of rotor is balanced by symmetrical vanes, the remnant axial force is borne by the bearing. The impeller is checked by the static balace, dynamic balance which can ensure the operating stability.
 There are two types of shaft sealing; Packing sealing and mechanical sealing. When adopting packing sealing, locate a packing ring aming the packing in order to lubricate the sealing chamber and prevent the air entering, the water can enter to the packing chamner through the groove on the spli-plane of pump cover or external pipe, which is for water sealing. When adopting mechanical sealing, there are two interfaces on the cover of mechanical sealing for cooling water pipe  in order to lubricate mechanical sealing. The cooling water for mechanical sealing can be from or external clean water. The water from pump can be used when delivering clean water and other liquids their physical and chmical property is smilar to clear water and temperature is below 80 celsius; The external clean water iis adopted when delivering liquids which the temperature exceeds 80 celsius or liquids containing solids.

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