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Quality Control

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Advanced Inspection

The company’s Quality Management Department is responsible for the physical and chemical measurement center, water pump testing center and the branches of the company's quality inspection station management.Physical Metrology Center as the core of quality testing, which set with infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer imported from the USA, the horizontal optical instrument imported from the United Kingdom, metallurgical microscope made in Germany, as well as domestic three meters projection length measurement instrument, Large Contour Machine, universal tool microscope, large tool microscope, collimator, horizontal test furnace; high speed carbon & sulfur analyzer; ultrasonic flaw detector and other precision instruments. Also responsible for the controlling and regular checking of a variety of measuring instruments, physical and chemical testing of all kinds of materials.

Inspection Center                                         Parts Flaw Detection

Pump testing center was built in 1989, which is currently one of the largest pump testing center in China. The construction area is 2367 square meters, working capacity of the test tank is 7000 cubic meters, and depth of the pool is 12 meters. The maximum measurable flow rate is 20 m³/ s. The maximum measurable power is 5000 kilowatts. The maximum lifting weight of the lifting equipment is 75 tons. Various types of pumps whose outlet diameter aren’t more than 3000mm are able to be tested in this center. It’s recognized as the grade-C test bench in China. But also the Provincial Bureau designated machinery industry and medium-sized pumps product quality supervision and inspection station. After the test instrument was updated to be intelligent instrument in 1997, all the testing processes are able to be controlled by computers and industrial TV for testing. Then the data’s collection, processing, printing and plotting performance curves is finished automatically.

Dynamic Balancing Test For Rotor Parts          Dynamic Balancing For Impellers 

Our test station is an authorized inspection agencies by Hunan Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. Each pump has passed the running test before delivery.

Powerful Experiment Testing System

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