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Why Wear Components are Important for multistage pump_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

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Why Wear Components are Important for horizontal multistage pump
The close clearance wear components in a centrifugal pump perform similar functions. They separate high pressure areas within the pump from lower pressure areas via a minimal clearance between a rotating and stationary member.
Due to the differential pressure across these components, there is substantial flow from the high pressure to lower pressure regions of the pump – recirculation flow. If inadequate clearance lies between two metal components, the rotating and stationary elements could possibly seize and lead to substantial pump damage.
Conversely, as the clearance between rotating and stationary components increases, the recirculation flow within the pump increases and efficiency drops. Over time, this will become evident to the pump operators as recirculation flow increases to the point where the pump can no longer operate at design capacity.
What the operators may not notice is that the wear components also contribute substantially to rotor stability. Increased clearance at the wear components can lead to higher vibration, shorter bearing life, and the potential for high-energy failure modes such as shaft breakage.
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