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Barrel pump

The barrel extraction pump is a centrifugal pump surrounded by a barrel-like shell. As far as feedwater pumps for power station applications are concerned, they are also called barrel pumps or barrel pumps. See Figure 1 Barrel PumpBucket pump: Full-load boiler feed pumpThe barrel is equipped with a suction nozzle and a discharge nozzle. The discharge cover and inlet ring are bolted to the corresponding barrel surface. The drive shaft passes through the cover on the discharge side and the inlet ring on the suction side. Both channels are sealed by shaft seals.The pump can be disassembled without removing the cylindrical casing from the pipe and pump base. In the case of overpressure pumps, the barrel shell is usually welded to the pipe.The barrel pump is a multi-stage pump designed for horizontal installation. They are used as ultra-high and high-pressure pumps, especially boiler feed water pumps.

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