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Antifreeze Reminding for Water Pump In Winter_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

发布于:2021年04月15日 作者:zlby 阅读:1553

Zoomlian Pump reminds the pump users to want to make step of good prevent frostbite, less affect the pump service life.The water will solidify into ice below freezing, the volume will swell during the process, causing the pump body and pipeline to crack.In this case, we should take the following measures to protect the water pump.
1.Don't start or turn the pump by hand if pump or pipeline is frozen,you can pour hot water into pump casing or pipeline, or heating the pump shell.
2.Put the pump in the normal temperature environment, above zero is available.
3.Discharge out the liquid from pump chamber when shut-down the pump.