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Zoomlian Pump Accomplished Difficult Project In Indonesia_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

发布于:2021年04月15日 作者:zlby 阅读:1548

Recently, the undersea oil pipeline engineering of Pertamina finished acceptance of the project in the sea area of Batam which is a completed success. The project is undertaken by TianCheng Electrical Marine Equipment Pty Ltd. While the product and the technique are provided by Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co., Ltd. The sea water marine pump has  successfully passed technical inspection which is one type of the high pressure sea water pump.

As the execution conditions is extremely harsh in undersea oil pipeline engineering, the Tiancheng company has a very strict screening procedure towards suppliers. On one hand, high quality of the pump is a basic demand for engineering. On the other hand, the ability of cooperation and complex techniques to the suppliers is highly requested. 3 meters groove need to be dig more than 100 meters deep under the sea. One of the technical difficulties is related to sea water marine pump (a kind of self-balancing multistage pump). As a result, Tiancheng company finally choose Zoomlian Pump who is with years’ experience in dealing with technical difficulties after comparing to other pump manufacturers in Europe and China.

Since the project begun, engineers in developing department from Zoomlian Pump has analyzed and reviewed the case for several rounds. It came to the conclusion of utilizing the high efficient high pressure sea water pump with diesel engine DF720-60*5(P) which is Zoomlian’s patented product. Water pump usually connected with electric engine but not as strong power as the diesel engine which is highly adapted to pressurized and corrosive condition.

In the process of project acceptance, Zoomlian Pump has successfully completed the task and received high appraisal and approval from Tiancheng Company.