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A Few Tips For Pump Selection_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

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Determining what material will be pumped - i.e., chemicals, clean water, trash water, sewage - will lead you to the type of pump you need:
- Most general-purpose dewatering pumps are for moving relatively clean water.
- Construction, or trash, pumps are ideal for pumping water contaminated with sticks, leaves, stones, and other waste materials.
- Multipurpose pumps move water as well a variety of agricultural and industrial chemicals.
- Finally, submersible pumps are used for a wide range of residential and commercial sump applications.
When specifying a pump, you'll need to evaluate your jobsite to determine:
The vertical distance from the top of the source of the liquid being pumped to the highest point of the discharge hose to determine the total head lift. The length of hoses or pipes will vary by application.
- Whether or not a nozzle or sprinklers will be used . Nozzles and sprinklers are traditionally only used with a high-pressure pump, for irrigation or others.
- How much discharge volume is needed . The speed of seepage and volume of water or other material being pumped is the determining factor in choosing between a lightweight general-purpose, high-pressure multipurpose, trash, or diaphragm pump. Also important to know during pump selection is the inverse relation between discharge volume, or gallons per minute (gpm), and pound per square inch (psi).

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