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Mine Drainage Topic I: Ways of Open Pit Mine Drainage System_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

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Ways of Open Pit Mine Drainage System

The open pit is actually a large catchment, and atmospheric precipitation and rock formation water are its main source of water. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the open mining works, the accumulated water in the open pit must be discharged in time. The open pit mine drainage system mainly has the following methods:

1. Self-flow drainage
By using the natural height difference between the open pit and the terrain, without using power equipment such as water pumps, the drainage system that drains the accumulated water from the stope by simple engineering such as drainage ditch is called self-flow drainage. When the local section is difficult to discharge by the topographic barrier, the horizontal conduction can be excavated if possible. The drainage system has low investment and low cost and is used by most hillside open pit mines.
2. Mechanical drainage
The use of water tanks to collect water, through the power equipment such as centrifugal pumps, the drainage system that discharges the accumulated water to the surface is called mechanical drainage which can be divided into three types: centralized drainage at the bottom of the stope, sub-dimension drainage of the stope and drainage of underground wells.
(1) Central drainage at the bottom of the stope
In essence, the drainage system is provided with a temporary water tank and a water pump at the bottom of the open pit, so that all the water entering the stope is collected into the water tank at the bottom of the stope, and then discharged by the water pump to the surface through the drainage pipe.
The water tank descends with the new level of open pit mine. Once the new level water tank is formed, the upper water tank is abandoned. Therefore, the water tank and the water pump are continuously moving downward during the whole production period.
The water tank, the drainage equipment and the pump house are collectively called the pumping station. The pumping station moving downwards horizontally is called the mobile pumping station. The pumping station that moves downwards several times is called the semi-fixed pumping station.
The pumping station of the drainage system has a simple structure and low investment, and the mobile pumping station is not limited by the height of the mining field. However, the pumping station and the pipeline move frequently, and the development and extension project is affected, and the pit bottom pumping station is easily submerged. Therefore, the system is generally applicable to small and medium-sized open-pit mines with small catchment area and small amount of water, or small-scale small mines with small mining depth, slow descending speed and little impact on water.
(2) Stope segment relay drainage
The essence of the drainage system is: set up several fixed pumping stations on the side of the open pit, intercept and discharge the water in sections, and each fixed pumping station can discharge the water directly to the surface, or can take the relay to pass the upper level. The main pumping station drains water to the surface.
The drainage system has less water at the bottom of the stope, and the conditions for trenching and expansion are good, but the drainage pumping station is mostly dispersed, and the amount of infrastructure construction is large. Generally applicable to open pit mines with large catchment area and large amount of water, or mines with large depth and rapid decline.
(3) Underground well drainage
The essence of the drainage system is: through the vertical drainage well or drilling, or the horizontal drainage tunnel on the slope, the rain and underground water are discharged into the underground water tank, and the underground drainage facilities are discharged from the surface.
The collected water in the system is discharged to the underground, and there is no separate drainage facility in the open pit. It has little impact on the production of open pit mines, and is generally suitable for open pit and underground joint mining. The main disadvantage is the increased drainage pressure in underground mines.

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