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How To Keep The Pump In Good Condition_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

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1.Always follow the maintenance schedule in the owner's manual. Also check manufacturer recommendations for approved chemical applications.
2.Make sure the pump has proper mounting or frame protection. The pump should be placed on a solid and level surface that will not interrupt operation.
3.Before operating, inspect hoses for leaks, weaknesses, and kinks. Fittings should be checked to ensure proper suction.
4.Never operate a centrifugal pump dry; water is needed to prevent the mechanical seal from overheating.
5.If possible, avoid pumping water containing abrasives.
6.Always drain the pump housing after use — water freezing in the pump will cause pump case failure.
7.When pumping saltwater or water containing silt and mud, flush the pump housing with clean water after each use.
8.Avoid driving over and collapsing the discharge hose when the pump is operating and/or the hose is full of water (damage can even occur when the pump off, if a nozzle is shut off and the discharge hose has water). Doing so can force water and/or a shock wave, or water hammer, back to the pump and cause damage. If you must place the hose across a roadway, position boards on each side of the hose to prevent it from collapsing when a vehicle drives over it.
9. After use, turn off the electric motor and drain the pump case.

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