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Reasons For Vibration Of Centrifugal Water Pump_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

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The stiffness of bearing is too low, which will cause the first critical speed to decrease and cause Centrifugal Water Pump vibration.
In addition, the performance of the guide bearing is poor, the fixation is bad, the bearing gap is too large and the vibration is easy to cause, while the wear of the thrust bearing and other rolling bearings will make the longitudinal vibration of the shaft and the bending vibration aggravate at the same time.
Lubrication failure caused by improper selection of lubricating oil, deterioration, excessive impurity content and poor lubrication pipeline will cause deterioration of bearing condition and cause vibration.
The self excitation of the oil film of the motor sliding bearing also causes High Pressure Water Pump vibration.