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Heating Program Of Power Plant In Tajikistan_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

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Project Introduction

The project is the heating program of power plant constructed by China Railway Construction Group in Tajikistan. The technical requirements is highly complicated. Firstly, the outlet pressure will have to reach 1.8Mpa and the previous drainage pump has no longer meet its requirements. Secondly, the NPSH of conventional centrifugal pump usually more than 2 meters high. The power plant in Tajikistan required less than 1.5 meters high. In addition, the temperature of the medium changed constantly between 80°C-130°C which is likely to cause the cavitation phenomenon.
In all, only innovative pumps can achieve the high techniques.

1. Regarding high pressure of the outlet
Since the design requires the outlet pressure to reach 1.8mpa, it is necessary to use the multistage pump with high lift.The each stage head of multistage pump can reach 1.5mpa, which can completely up to grade.
2. Regarding NPSH
The temperature of medium has a large variation range which will cause cavitation. The NPSH of  the power plant in Tajikistan required less than 1.5 meters high. They have to use flow passage components and pump structure and sealing different from the previous ones which Zoomlian choose N series condensate pumps fully to achieve its requirements.
3. Regarding noise, vibration and stability
With balancing plate and balancing ring, the conventional pump could easily wear out after long term operation. It will not only cause noise and vibration but also frequent replacement of the plate and ring. rotor parts with symmetrical impellers of self balancing multistage boiler feed pump can counteract the axial force, so that balancing plate and ring would not be needed. It has reduced the cost and time.

Optional Product
1. DG(P) self balancing multistage boiler feed pump
2. IS end suction pump
3. N Condensate pump