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Reasons For Water Pump Out Of Operation_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

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There could be several factors:
1. Is there enough water? Check to ensure that there is enough water present in the tank to allow safe pumping; the Control System shuts the water pump once a sufficiently low water level has been reached.
2. Beware of air locks. If there is too little water in the tank, the pump may have drawn in a large air pocket that is preventing the flow of water.
3. Is the lift displacement too great? If you are operating a suction lift pump, be sure that the water reservoir you are drawing from is no more than 7 feet below the pump, otherwise the resistance to flow may be too great.
4. Are you using pipes that are too small or have too many elbows? Pumping water through small diameter pipes (and pipes with elbows and check valves) increases the water pressure, but as a result also increases flow resistance. If the resistance is too great, your pump will not perform.
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