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Vertical Inline Sewage Pump

Vertical Inline Sewage Pump

Capacity: 8-3000 (m³/h) 

Head: 7-60 (m)

Temperature: 0-60 (℃)

Product Introduction

Vertical inline sewage pump is an advanced technology pump combined with the characteristics of domestic water pump. It can drain solid particles and long fibers.Its unique impeller structure and a new mechanical seal, can effectively contain solids conveying and long fibers, impeller compared with the traditional impeller, the impeller pump or a single flow channel of Double-channel form, which is similar to the one section of the same size Bend, has a very good flow, and with a reasonable cochlear room, makes the pump with high efficiency, the impeller by the balance test, so that the operation of pumps at no vibration. Its reliable performance and stable quality have won the users’ praise and admiration.

Main Benifits

1. Compact structure
2. Excellent hydraulic model
3. Modular design

 • High efficiency
 •  No vibration&low noise
 • Small size which is Easy to transport and mount
 • Low cost

Main Applications

urban environment, construction, fire control, chemical industry, pharmacy, dye, power electricity, plating, paper making, washing of industrial mines, cooling of equipment

Technical Data

Product Name Vertical Inline Sewage Pump
Structure Single stage
Material Cast Iron/stainless steel
Head 7-60m / 22.9-196.8ft
Flow 8-3000m3/h / 35.2-13200USgpm
Temperature 0~60℃ / 0-140℉
Speed 740r/min 980r/min 1450r/min 2900 r/min
Power 0.75-280 kw
Efficiency 38%-85%
Liquid Medium Sewage water or fresh water
Standard ISO9001

Structure Chart

Model Description

25 GW – 22 – 1.1
25 ------------------------------ Outlet diameter 25 mm
GW ---------------------------- vertical inline sewage pump
22 ------------------------------ Head 22 m
1.1 ----------------------------- Fitted motor power (kW)