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QJ Multistage Submersible Deep Well Pump

QJ Multistage Submersible Deep Well Pump

Capacity: 2-1000 (m³/h) 

Head: 10-1000 (m)

Temperature: up to 50 (℃)

Product Introduction


QJ multistage deep well submersible pump is a kind of water-lifting machine with submersible motor and submersible pump integrated directly into one set, working deep into the water. It is mainly used in the feeding and draining engineering of farmland irrigation, city, industrial and mine establishments.

Main Benifits

Compact structure:
 • The pump and motor use the same shaft
 • Single suction multistage
 • Sand-preventing sealing mechanism

 • Strong reliability
 • High efficiency&energy saving
 • Small size which is Easy to transport and mount
 • Low cost

Main Applications

 • Lift water from deep well
 • Drain water from pool into rivers
 • Water supply for high-rise buildings

Technical Data

Product Name QJ multistage deep well submersible pump
Structure Multistage
Material Cast iron/stainless steel
Head 10-1000m / 32.8-3280ft
Flow 2-1000m3/h / 8.8-44000USgpm
Temperature 0-60℃ / 0-140℉
Speed 2850r/min 2875r/min 2900 r/min
Power 1.1-280kw
Liquid Medium Fresh water with no solid particles or property similar to water
Standard ISO9001

Structure Chart


Model Description

200 QJ 32 – 52 / 4
200 ------------------------- Seat No.
QJ -------------------------- Deep well submersible pump
32 --------------------------- Rated flow 32 m3/h
52 --------------------------- Rated head 52m
4 ----------------------------- Number of impeller