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Horizontal Multi-segment Clean Water Centrifugal Pump

Horizontal Multi-segment Clean Water Centrifugal Pump

Capacity: 6.3-850 (m³/h) 

Head: 17-1000 (m)

Temperature: 0-80 (℃)

Product Overall

Multi-segment clean water centrifugal pump is single suction multistage and sectional pump which used high efficient and energy saving hydraulic model. With the advantages of safety operation, low noise, long service life, easy maintenance and large range performance as well as high efficiency.

This type is mainly used in the fields of  
Water supply and discharge in high-rise buildings, Fire water supply in constructions,Water supply and discharge in factories and mines,Long distance delivery and Cyclic pressurization in production.

Technical Data

Product Name Horizontal Multi-segment clean water centrifugal pump
Structure Multistage
Material Cast Iron/Stainless Steel/Ductile Iron
Head 17-1000m / 55.7-3280ft
Flow 6.3-850m3/h / 27.7-3740USgpm
Temperature 0-80℃ / 0-176℉
Speed 1480r/min & 2950 r/min
Power 3-1800 kw
Efficiency 32%-84%
NPSH 2-7 m
Liquid Medium Fresh water with no solid particles or property similar to water
Standard ISO9001

Structure Chart


Model Description

D 85 - 67 x 3
D -------------------------------- 
Horizontal Multi-segment Clean Water Centrifugal Pump
85 ------------------------------- The designed flow is 85 m3/h
67 ------------------------------- The head is 67 m for each stage
3 -------------------------------- Number of impellers

Material Selection