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DY Multistage Centrifugal Oil Pump

DY Multistage Centrifugal Oil Pump

Capacity: 6.3-850 (m³/h) 

Head: 17-1000 (m)

Temperature: -20~150 (℃)

Product Introduction

DY multistage centrifugal oil pump is single suction multistage, segmental centrifugal oil pump which used in chemical works for delivering non-corrosive oil and oil products without solid particles and with viscosity less than 120 centistokes. The temperature of the liquid is -20°c~150°c.Permissible inlet pressure is 0.6MPa. 

Main Benifits

Unique structure:
1. Add O type seal ring between balancing plate and the pump
2. Add indicator for balancing plate

 • High efficiency
Energy conservation

Main Applications

 • Oil and petroleum liquid conveying of chemical process industries

Technical Data

Product NameDY Multistage Centrifugal Oil Pump
MaterialCast Iron/Stainless Steel/Ductile Iron
Head17-1000m / 55.8-3280ft
Flow6.3-850m3/h / 27.7-3740USgpm
Temperature-20~105℃ / -4~221℉
Speed1480r/min & 2950 r/min
Power3-1800 kw
Liquid MediumNon-corrosive oil and oil products without solid particles

Structure Chart


Model Description

DY 85 - 67 x 3
DY -------------------------------- Multistage centrifugal oil pump
85 ------------------------------- The designed flow is 85 m3/h
67 ------------------------------- The head is 67 m for each stage
3 -------------------------------- Number of impellers

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