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Horizontal Single Stage Oil Pump

Horizontal Single Stage Oil Pump

Capacity: 5.4~400 (m³/h) 

Head: 4~125 (m)

Temperature: -20~150℃ (℃)

Product Intro

IY type single-stage centrifugal oil pump is suitable for conveying petroleum products without solid particles. The temperature of the medium to be transported is between -20 °C and +150 °C. The maximum working pressure of the pump is greater than 1.6 MPa, and the pressure of the suction port is not more than 0.8. MPa, mainly used in oil fields, refineries, petrochemical industries.



The main components of the IY horizontal single-stage centrifugal oil pump are pump body, impeller, pump cover, suspension components, mechanical seal parts, shafts, etc.
This series of pumps is a rear door structure. The advantage is that the rotor parts are repaired or replaced without disassembling the pipe, and the rotor components are supported by the suspension (please refer to the IY pump structure diagram).
The balance of the axial force of the pump, the pump with a large axial force, the impeller is provided with a balance hole, and the remaining axial force is received by the bearing.
The shaft seal form adopts an unbalanced single-end mechanical seal, and the shaft seal is provided with a water cooling jacket outside. The external cold water can be connected through the 1/4 tube interface on the side of the pump to cool the shaft seal.
In the transmission mode, the transmission of the pump is directly connected to the motor through the coupling. From the direction of the drive, the pump rotates clockwise.