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DF(P) Self-balancing Corrosive Resistance Multistage Pump

DF(P) Self-balancing Corrosive Resistance Multistage Pump

Capacity: 6.3-1100 (m³/h) 

Head: 75-1440 (m)

Temperature: -20~105 (℃)

Product Introduction

In order to satisfy our customer and speed up the development of the high efficiency multistage pump, the high-efficiency pump adopts the advanced technology from home and abroad. We use the high efficiency and energy-saving hydraulic model recommended by the state. And developed according to the standard of the API610. Being the leading position in the pump industry. The series of this pump are more wide performance and high-efficiency area, work steady and safety, low noise, easy for maintaining, less easy wearing out parts. It can work three times non-failure operation time than common pump. So it greatly reduced the cost, and the operation hours of the pump.
High efficiency self-balance sectional centrifugal pump is innovated according to the traditional multistage centrifugal pump, declare the multistage axils force balance set. It is the best substitutes of the type D, DG multistage centrifugal pump with the balance disk. As without the balance disk, so no disk clash and no backflow lose of the balance disk. So the efficiency of the pump is 3-12% higher than the similar type pump, at the meantime, the totally solved the problems of rotor seizure caused by the lose effectiveness of the balance disk, great extend the life of the pump. Long time operation proved that this series pump has reached to advance technology of the similar type pump in China.


Main Design Point

High-efficiency self-balancing multistage centrifugal pump, it’s design is based on the actual safety, economy, failure-free operation ability and low repair and maintenance cost of the whole operation of the pump set. The main design point introduction as below:

  • Advanced assembly modularized design, mainly used the parts that have experienced the long term test, high changed between the parts.
  • High strength, high quality material and many kinds of the suction and discharge flange, mainly improved the adapter load, high strength and high quality pump cover has a compact structure, the operation life is five times than the common pump. The flow parts of the impeller and the diffuser adopt the precision casting. Smooth efficiency is 2% higher than the common casting parts.
  • Fast assemble and disassemble design, it is allowed to change the sealing, the shaft parts without disassemble the inlet and outlet pipe, so this greatly reduced the maintaining time.
  • With high efficiency, high reliability and low cost combination, and the perfect match of the impeller and the guide vane, and reasonable axial clearance and wider throttle design, which can maintain it’s high stability and operational efficiency after a long running time.
  • Excellent NPSH, we adopt excellent hydraulic model and special double suction impeller structure, so the user do not need match the booster pump or increase the height of the inlet chest.
  • The safely sealing design, according to the difference of the pressure and the structure, the pump casing adopt the metal face-to-the metal face hard sealing or the O ring sealing.
  • It can change the shaft and sealing without disassemble the inlet and outlet pipes.
  • The pump adopts the symmetrical setting, totally can eliminate the axils force, the remnants axils force is bored by a pair of back-to-back the angular contact ball bearing.
  • As without the balance disk, so there is no rush between the disks and no balance backflow lose.
  • As no balance device, totally solved the problems caused by the lose efficiency of the balance disk and the balance base, greatly extend the operation time of the pump.
  • Special structure strength design, the maximum single stage head of the pump is 1.5Mpa(150m), the allowed inlet pressure 15Mpa(total head is 1500), also make core bag that combine with the shaft and the rotor not affected by the changeable temperature. It has a good thermal shock resistance.
  • Adopt the cartridge seals so it do not have the axils endplay, then it overcome the bad contact lead to the invalid of the old type multistage pump, then make sure there is no leakage during operation.

Main Applications

 • corrosive liquid conveying for oil chemical industry
 • corrosive liquid conveying for coal chemical industry
 • corrosive liquid conveying for coal chemical industry
 • corrosive liquid conveying for chemical plant
 • For chemical processing 

Technical Data 


Product Name DF(P) Self-balancing Corrosive Resistance Multistage Pump
Structure Multistage
Material Cast Iron/Stainless Steel/Ductile Iron
Head 75-1440m / 246-4724ft
Flow 6.3-1100m³/h / 27.7-4840USgpm
Temperature -20℃~105℃/ -4~410℉
Speed 1480r/min & 2950 r/min
Power 5.5-4500kw
Efficiency 32%-84%
NPSH 2-7 m
Liquid Medium Corrosive liquid
Standard ISO9001

Structure Chart


Model Description

DF 46-80× 12JA(P)
DF ---------------------------- Multistage corrosion resistance centrifugal pump
46 --------------------------- The designed flow: 46 m3/h
80 --------------------------- The single stage head: 80 m 
12 ---------------------------- Number of impellers
J ------------------------------Mechanical seal
A ------------------------------Impeller has been cut for the first time

P ---------------------------- Self balancing structure


Material Of Pump Parts


Comparison To Conventional Multistage Pump