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IHF Centrifugal Fluoroplastic Chemical Pump

IHF Centrifugal Fluoroplastic Chemical Pump

Capacity: 1.75-130 (m³/h) 

Head: 4.7-87 (m)

Temperature: -85-200 (℃)

Product Introduction

The centrifugal pump metal casing lined with teflon, impeller and pump cover integrally sintered and pressure molded by metal inserts with teflon outside, externally mounted bellows mechanical seal for shaft seal, stationary seal ring made of 99.9% aluminum oxide ceramics or silicon carbide, rotating seal ring made of tetrafluoride packing material or silicon carbide. It resists corrosion, abrasion, high temperature and aging, and has high mechanical strength, no toxin decompounding, and wide range of service temperature.

Main Benifits 

Strong structure:
1. Strengthen ribs added on the pump body
2. Precision wax mould for main parts
3. API610 standard mechanical seal design
4. Dismountable couplers


 • Safe and reliablesy
 • Easy maintenance
 • Low cost
 • High efficiency
Long service life

Main Applications

It is widely used in the industries of chemical, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and paper making for liquid delivery, waste water treatment, acidification and other processes.

Technical Data

Product Name IHF Centrifugal Fluoroplastic Chemical Pump
Structure Single stage
Material Fluoroplastics
Head 4.7-87m / 15.4-285.3ft
Flow 1.75-130m3/h / 7.7-572USgpm
Temperature -85~200℃ /  -121~392℉
Speed 980r/min 1450r/min 2900 r/min 2980 r/min
Power 0.55-160 kw
Efficiency 26%-81%
NPSH 2-5.5 m
Liquid Medium Corrosive liquid
Standard ISO9001

Structure Chart

Model Description

IHF 50-32-125
IHF --------------------- corrosive resistant chemical pump
50 ---------------------- Inlet diameter 50 mm
32 ---------------------- Outlet diameter 32 mm
125 -------------------- Impeller diameter 125 mm