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Accumulator_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

An accumulator is a container that is partially filled with liquid and partially filled with gas (usually air); its internal pressure is usually higher than atmospheric pressure. The accumulator sto…
时间:2021年04月15日    阅读:1195

Acid-resistant pump_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

Acid-resistant pumps are chemical pumps used for handling corrosive fluids, for example end sution chemical pump. End suction chemical pump is a kind of chemical pump which is suitable for chemical pl…
时间:2021年04月15日    阅读:1138

AC mains supply_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

AC mains power is also called single-phase AC. In most European countries, the AC voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. However, parts of North America and Japan are different. They use 120 vol…
时间:2021年04月15日    阅读:976

Actuator_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

Actuator The actuator is the control element used to intervene in the process. It converts the switching information provided by the control system into physical forces, and usually regulates mech…
时间:2021年04月15日    阅读:1051

Adjustable blade_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

Adjustable blade If the blade can be permanently set to the desired position after being installed in the pump impeller, the blade is considered to be adjustable.…
时间:2021年04月15日    阅读:1092

Air lift pump_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

  Air lift pumps are used to lift liquids filled with solids. For this purpose, the gas is injected into the pipeline from below the liquid level by the compressor, and then vertically immersed in…
时间:2021年04月15日    阅读:1160

Analog interface_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

Analog interface An analog interface is an electrical connection that forwards analog electrical signals to downstream electrical and electronic equipment or components for further processing. Sta…
时间:2021年04月15日    阅读:1064

Induction motor_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

Induction motor   Asynchronous motors have a passive rotor that is permanently short-circuited (squirrel-cage rotor) or temporarily short-circuited (see slip ring rotor). It can generate up to s…
时间:2021年04月15日    阅读:1086

Archimedes screw pump_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

Archimedes screw pump   The Archimedes screw pump is used to raise the fluid constant pressure to a given geodetic height by means of a rotating screw (a real screw). The screw works according to…
时间:2021年04月15日    阅读:1161

Axial thrust_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

Axial thrust The axial thrust is the resultant force of all the axial forces (F) acting on the pump rotor.   Axial thrust: the axial force in a single-stage centrifugal pump     The ax…
时间:2021年04月15日    阅读:1284