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N Condensate Water Pump

N Condensate Water Pump

Capacity: 8-120 (m³/h) 

Head: 37.7-143 (m)

Temperature: 0-120 (℃)

Product Introduction

A condensate pump is a specific type of pump used to pump the condensate (water) produced in an HVAC (heating or cooling), refrigeration, condensing boiler furnace or steam system.
1. N condenser water pump for power station can deliver the condensate water which temperature below 120 degrees centigrade or other liquids whose physical and chemical properties are similar to the pure water.
2. N condenser water pump for power station is applicable to the thermal power station unit.
3.100N130 and 150N110 condensate pump can deliver steam condensate whose temperature is lower than 120 degrees centigrade.The others is below 80 degrees centigrade.

Main Benifits

 • High efficiency & Low consumption
 • High temperature liquid transmission
 • Easy installation & maintenance
 • Single stage single suction cantilever

Main Applications

N condensate water pump for power station is a specific type of pump used to pump the condensate (water) produced in an HVAC (heating or cooling), refrigeration, condensing boiler furnace or steam system. They may be used to pump the condensate produced from latent water vapor in any of the following gas mixtures:

 • Conditioned (cooled or heated) building air
 • Refrigerated air in cooling and freezing systems
 • Steam in heat exchange and radiators
 • The exhaust stream of very-high-efficiency furnaces

Condensate recovery systems help you reduce three tangible costs of producing steam:

 • Fuel/energy costs
 • Boiler water make-up and sewage treatment
 • Boiler water chemical treatment

Technical Data

Product Name N condenser water pump
Structure Single stage
Material Cast iron
Head 37.7-143m / 122-469ft
Flow 8-120m3/h /  35.2-528USgpm
Temperature 0~120℃ / 0-248℉
Speed 2950 r/min & 2980 r/min
Power 5.5~75kw
Efficiency 41%-68%
NPSH 2-5.5m
Liquid Medium Condensate water
Standard ISO9001

Structure Chart

Model Description

3 N 6 x 2
3 ------------------ Inlet diameter 3 inch
N ----------------- Condensate pump
6 ------------------ Ceiling of designed head/10
2 ------------------ Number of impeller
G N L 3 – AB
G ----------------- High suction head
N ----------------- Condensate pump
L ------------------ Vertical installation
3 ------------------ Inlet diameter 3 inch
AB --------------- 2 different kinds of impellers