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Zoomlian's World Cup Trip To Russian_Changsha Zoomlian Pump Co.,Ltd

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With the whistle of the referee, the World Cup officially started.This is a World Cup without the Chinese team, but it shines with Chinese elements everywhere.Brands of Wanda, Mengniu, Hisense, Yadi have became important sponsors to the World Cup.
Balls, mascots, commemorative coins and other products for the World Cup are marked with Made in China.Chinese companies are not only eye-catching in the Russian World Cup, but also perform well in other areas.

Recently, the self balancing multistage pump manufacturer Zoomlian Pump Co., Ltd. has successfully exported its self balancing multistage pump to Russia,  which increased popularity of Chinese brands.
“We provide a Russian’s gold mining company the self balancing multistage pump for mine MD1100-85X6(P)which is the company’s patent product.” Mr. Lee said who is the Vice President of Zoomlian.

The pump they use is the conventional one. Due to defect of the structure, the balance of axial force has always been the most difficult issue for pump manufacturers over the years. Non failure operation time is quite short and the balance force gradually declined since the abrasion to balancing ring and balancing plate. It is easy to cause vibration, more noise and efficiency decline, the worst part is the pump can not work functionally and has been scraped.

To solve the problem, they have visited a great number of pump manufacturers and finally chose the self balancing multistage pump for mine made by Zoomlian Pump.
With the characteristic of large flow and high head for the self balancing multistage pump which its impellers are symmetrically designed. The axial force can be balanced during operation due to the symmetrical impellers. The self balancing multistage pump does not need balancing system and can continuously operate more than 8000 hours in a year and the efficiency increase 3 to 12 percent comparing with the conventional one.

With the deepening of  “One Belt One Road” and the continuous expansion of humanities and economic exchanges between China and Russia, Zoomlian will continue to strive to open up more overseas markets and make a trend for China with its excellent product quality.